Jamiatush Shaikh Hussain Ahmad Madni

Deoband is proud of its land that Azhar-e-hind Darul Uloom Deoband is located in it which is a heartbeat of Muslims and the result of the forefathers ‘sacrifices wherein not only people of across the Asian countries but from around the world come to visit it and get their satisfaction while seeking the truth of knowledge. Deoband has become a central place for learning’s of different of kinds therefore, thousands of students come here for getting Islamic educations, but admissions of all the coming students in this madre-e-ilmi is not possible, for only 15 or 20 percent out of the numbers of students succeed to get admission here because of heavy competition, and the rest i.e. 80 percent students have to return back being disappointed for not fulfilling their cherished dreams in the better of environment of learning in Deoband. That is because not that they have no talent, because of lacking capacity of management and because of great competition only... Read more

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