Projects For Educations And Constructions

1. As per the instructions of Hazrat Thanvi sb, to set up morning and evening maktabs in Deoband and its neighboring parts for the boy and girl students who go to schools.
2. To build a library in the memory of Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat in order to encourage the students to do extra curriculums such as studying books of other subjects along with their syllabus, learning the skill of speaking and writing.
3. To introduce a five year special course on the patron of the syllabus of Darul Uloom Deoband for the adults wishing to study Islamic learnings.
4. To set up tadribul muallimin (training course for the teachers) under the supervision of the Hazrat mohtamim sb for the passed out students and newly appointed teachers for purpose of creating more talents in them.
5. To establish “Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Academy” for research works in Urdu and Arabic languages.
6. To manage a separate system for qirat saba w ahsra.
7. To publish a monthly magazine named “Azm-e-Hussain” consisting articles of Islam, literature and reforms on the standard of Islamic journalism.
8. To buy a big generator for education’s facilities.
9. To build Madni Shifa Khana for treatment free of cost.
10. To build a hostile named “Shaikhul Islam Maznil” having 20 rooms for the students.
11. To build a water tank of two lakhs liters for the students and teachers use.
12. To build a teacher quarter named “darul mudarriseen” for the teachers and staff.
13. To purchase 10 bigha lands for hostel purpose for the students.

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